This article is about boulders from Cave Chaos. For boulders from other games, please see Boulders.

Big Rock!!!!!!!!!
Attack Rolling
Damage N/A
Game(s) Cave Chaos

Boulders are hazardous objects in Cave Chaos. They first appear in level 4.


Boulders are grey and spherical. They have rough edges and dark grey fractures all over the surface.

Game information

Boulders are encountered alongside smaller rocks. They are dropped onto platforms, including sloped hills. When boulders land, they roll smoothly along the surface they are on until they drop off the screen. They move continuously at a constant speed.

On contact, boulders are capable of pushing the miners in the direction they are traveling, which may be opposite of the miners. The player must have the miners jump over the boulder or evade it by walking on another path, if there is one.

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