This article is about boulders from Scribble. For boulders from other games, please see Boulders.

Boulder doodles
Boulder Doodle
Attack Falling down; dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Health Invincible
Game(s) Scribble

Boulder doodles are enemies introduced on level seventeen of the game Scribble


Heavily resembling winghead doodles, boulder doodles have a large round body and small tiny wings that barely keep them up.

Their facial features reveal a wide mouth, with teeth all around the edges and two black circular eyes outlined with a light blue against a white background on his face. When opening its mouth wide, the depths of the inside can be seen.

Game information

Boulder Doodle Drop

How a boulder doodle moves

Boulder doodles can crush blots, by falling on the ground in the way of a blot(s). Upon a boulder doodle hitting the floor, it will close its eyes, and exerting strength, lift their bodies up, using their tiny wings on their heads.

When they reach something blocking their way above them, they will fall down at a much faster speed and squish their bodies on the ground below them. If a blot touches a boulder doodle in any way, it will die. Boulder doodles can be stopped by putting ink lines under them so they won't crush blots.

Other appearances

  • Hot Air 2 - A boulder doodle appears on the balloon obtained after completing level twenty-two

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