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There are two bosses in the game Mega Mash. These bosses are the Space Dragon of Insecta Prime and the Moo King. The Moo King takes three different forms as it goes through three different worlds.

Dragon of Insectica Prime

Main article: Dragon of Insectica Prime

The Dragon of Insectica Prime is the first boss in Mega Mash, encountered on level 10. It fights and resides in the Xolstar 3 segments of the level. It travels between special walls, where it becomes a slow line of blocks. It can be destroyed through being shot by the Xolstar's lasers.

Moo King

Main article: Moo King

The Moo King is the second and final boss encountered in Mega Mash, and he is encountered as the boss of level twenty. The Moo King is Fluffykins's target, and the creature Fluffykins wants to defeat. The Moo King takes on three different appearances throughout the course of level twenty.

Moo King in Carrot Story

The Moo King first appears in Carrot Story on level 20 as a big red bull like creature, who at first cannot be hurt. It has to be plummeted down into the Faceball World in order to be damaged.

Moo King in Smash

In the second part of level 20, the Moo King appears as a monster that attacks by firing bullets and electricity. In this world, the Moo King is sometimes referred to as the Volt Hazard. It is defeated when Faceball & Smash destroy the blocks on which it stands, therefore causing it to fall into the city.

Moo King in Ninja

The Moo King in the third and last part of level 20 (sometimes called the Trans-Mech_Samurai) is the third and final form that the Moo King takes. It resides in the City, where the Ninja levels take place. It is a giant blue robotic samurai who cannot be damaged at all, but like in the previous worlds, has to be plummeted down into another wall via causing the floor underneath it to disappear. This is only possible with great agility and timing.

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