RT BossBossgifMad-boss
The boss (left to right) normal, happy, and enraged
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Level(s) All
Status Alive,
going to a new contract
Game(s) Rubble Trouble series

The boss is the leader of the demolition crew in the Rubble Trouble series. He carries a piece of paper around and owns a van.


The boss wears a white coat and white hard hat. This causes him to look different from all the other workers; he is also carrying a briefcase in his right hand.

Game information

The boss is a character who plays a somewhat integral role in the Rubble Trouble series - governing the Demolition crew. He will regularly be the first to talk in the introduction to a level, or the one asking questions or being questioned. When the player destroys a building they are meant to destroy, the boss will jump up happily with green dollar bills above his head.

When the demolition crew performs an actions that costs the player to lose money, the boss will jump up angrily, having a red face and fumes coming out of ears. Like the other characters in the series, he only speaks at the start of a level, and is impervious to damage.


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  • Rubble Trouble Tokyo
    • "Don't worry miss, we're professionals."
    • "You heard the ladies, get to work."
    • "Idiot! There's buildings under the bridge. We have to be careful!"
    • "I knew this would happen, so I've got you boys some multi-nitro."
    • "Are you being paid to say this stuff?"
  • Rubble Trouble Moscow

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  • The boss may represent Mat Annal from Nitrome, since Mat is the co-founder of Nitrome.
  • The green dollar signs above the boss's head appear backwards.
    • Also, despite the boss going to the United States, Japan, and Russia, the currency of the dollars that come out of his head does not change.

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