This article is about the enemy from Hot Air Jr. For the enemy from other games, please see Boots.

The boot is the first enemy introduced in the game Hot Air Jr.


Shaped like a boot, the boot is light brown and has red eyes and a thick unibrow that creases to form a v shape, implying an angry expression. A rip in the "toe" area suggests a mouth. As it comes down to stomp, its eyes will close for a short period of time.

Game information

At the start of level 1, the boot makes two small jumps on the ground. On the third jump, it jumps very high to the top of the area, hovering for a few seconds before quickly coming down to the ground.

This absence gives the player an opportunity to quickly guide Hot Air Jr past the spot he previously occupied, and to the finish line. The boot remains in the same area throughout the entire level, only making movements to jump.


  • When the boot is coming down from its big jump, the noise of the ghosts from Pac-Man can be heard faintly.