This article is about signs from Off The Rails. For signs from other games, please see Signs.

Boost signs
Arrow ya minds!
Ability Making the handcart speed up
Game(s) Off The Rails

Boost signs are interactive objects in the game Off The Rails.


Boost signs have wooden poles propping them up. They arrows appear as V's rotated ninety degrees. Black and white are the colours the boost signs come in.

Game information

Boost signs often appear in numbers of one to four. They will speed up the way they are pointing or slow it down if the hand car is going in the opposite direction.

Sometimes the arrows will be dangerous as in the level Not too slow not too fast, when some arrows will send the hand car into a train. As shown in the level Moon Walk, some arrows will push the hand car up a hill into a gopher. And still, more levels with arrows send the hand car into a bull.

Thus, this proves that on rare occasions will boost signs give a advantage to the cactus men.

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