Attack Firing Homing Missiles
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Chisel 2

Boomyfants are enemies in Chisel 2.



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Boomyfants are elephant head-shaped creatures, with a half-pink body, pink wings, a white face with pink eyes, small cream tusks, and a pipe-shaped cream mouth.


Missiles are brown and pod shaped, with a rocket booster on the rear of the missile. The missiles have purple eyes with a dark brown mouth, and from the look of the missile face, they look angry.

Game Information

Boomyfants make only two appearances in Chisel 2. Boomyfants are stationary, floating in one place, unable to be killed because they cannot be drilled into. Contact with the enemy will harm Chiseler.

Boomyfants are quite vulnerable for attack, since they don't have that good of a defense, although they can't be killed. They fire homing missiles out of their pipe like mouth, missiles that will home in on. Chiseler can easily dodge missiles by drilling into the planet Chiseler is on, or moving to another side of the planet.

Homing missiles will explode when they meet any planets; they will also head straight towards Chiseler. In the first level Boomyfants appear, only one of them appear in the middle, while in the second level they appear, four Boomyfants appear around the outside of circular planet.

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