This article is about dragons from Twin Shot 2. For dragons from other games, please see Dragons.

Boomerang dragon
Attack Shooting boomerang, dangerous to touch
Health One shot with any arrow
Points One hundred
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Boomerang dragons are enemies in the game Twin Shot 2. They only appear in evil levels.


Like their counterpart, regular dragons, they are roundish dragons with yellow spikes across their back. However, unlike regular dragons, these are blue instead of green.

Their bullet that they fire is also different from the normal dragons. It is a light brown stick, shaped like a traditional boomerang.

Game information

Boomerang dragons will wound the angels if touched. Their boomerang will also wound the angels. When they fire the boomerang, they will open their mouth and pause for a second, as a warning to the player.

The boomerang will travel a considerable distance, then loop around and come back to the dragon. This makes it a deadly foe, as if the angels jump, they might land on the boomerang.

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