This article is for the correctly named enemy in Chisel 1 and incorrectly named enemy in Chisel 2. For the enemies incorrectly called boombots in Chisel 2, please proceed to bomb crabs
Attack Explodes on contact
Health Dies on contact.
Game(s) Chisel
Chisel 2

Boombots are enemies in the Chisel series.


Boombots consist of a head with a large mouth, along with a white face and pink eyes.

Small beams on the sides of the boombots periodically move in and out of the ground, along with the boombots periodically opening and closing their mouths. They do not make many appearances in Chisel and Chisel 2, probably because they cannot be used for much.

Game information

Boombots appear buried inside planets, and act like mines. They will blow up on contact with Chiseler, costing him a heart and yielding no points. They can be sometimes hard to avoid due to their placement in planets. Boombots appear only once in Chisel 2, appearing in the thirtieth level, and in the original Chisel.


  • Boombots are probably not used much since similar enemies like the buzzbot head and cosmic swirl exist.
  • Bomb crabs are incorrectly named boombots in Chisel 2.

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