Ability The dog will move towards it
Game(s) Dog House

The bone is a primary interactive object the player controls in the game Dog House. It acts as a lure for the dog to move around the house, and eventually to the kitchen.


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The bone appears as a white, regular cartoonish bone.

Game information

The bone appears in every level of Dog House. To use it, the player has to use the mouse to drag the bone to a spot the dog can access, then drop it by releasing the mouse button.

As soon as the player releases the bone, the dog will begin to make its way toward the bone, then, if it can get to the bone, will leave it in it's mouth until the player moves the bone again. If the player holds the bone above the dog, he will constantly leap at the bone, and if the bone is somewhere the dog can't reach, he will sleep or will sit if he is on stairs.

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