This article is about bombs from The Bucket. For bombs from other games, please see Bombs.

Fish bombs
Ability Explode on impact
Game(s) The Bucket

Bombs are an interactive object first introduced in level five of The Bucket.


Bombs are seen on the ground with fish icons painted on them. The bomb will begin to detonate when either the mystical flying fish or the bucket touches it, in which orange wisps of smoke come out of it.

Game information

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When a bomb is detonating, it will explode after about five seconds. The explosion will cause any bombs nearby to fly outwards in a chain reaction. If the raccoon is caught in the explosion, however, it will lose a life.

A bomb will also explode when it falls onto the ground, or hits blocks. This will cause the blocks to disappear and any wooden blocks to quickly move out of the way. This makes it easier for players to quickly pass these obstacles without having to push or smash them with the fish.

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