This article is about bombs from Swindler series. For bombs from other games, please see Bombs.

Bombs are interactive objects in the Swindler series.


Bombs appear as large green balls with a small cap and fuse on top. They are probably made from the same substance as Swindler. At its base is a green goop that the bomb spawns from.

Game Information

Swindler bomb goo

The goo after the bomb is taken

Bombs are introduced in level nine of Swindler 2. They are spawned one at a time in a green goo. The player can pick them up out of the goo by moving the Swindler near the bomb, and pressing either the Space or the Ctrl button. After pressing the button, Swindler will reach down and grasp the bomb from the sides, allowing the player to take the bomb anywhere they want to. While holding a bomb, Swindler moves slower, and shakes slightly from the weight.

The bomb's fuse can be activated by hitting the bomb against a surface. If the bomb is not hit hard enough, the fuse will not light. Once lit, the bomb will hiss as the fuse is burned down. After two seconds, the bomb will turn from it's regular green to yellow, and after two more seconds it turns from yellow to orange. After two seconds of being orange the bomb will explode, so it is advised that the player drops it (by pressing Space or Ctrl again) before the explosion. If Swindler is near to the bomb, he will die in the explosion and the player will have to start the level over. As soon as the bomb has exploded, the green goo spawns another one.

Bombs are used to blast open rock. If a bomb is near any part of a rock wall, the explosion will cause the entire thing to crumble. Rock walls usually block the path of the player, meaning they have to carry a bomb over and destroy it to progress in the level.