This article is about bombs from Scribble. For bombs from other games, please see Bombs.

Bomb - Scribble
Attack Exploding
Damage Death
Health One explosion
Game(s) Scribble

Bombs are hazards and interactive objects in the game Scribble. Bombs appear in several levels of Scribble, regardless of world.


Bombs appear like usual bombs - a black sphere with a fuse sticking out of the top and a skull drawn on to the bomb.

Game information

Bombs do not instantly explode when a blot makes contact with it. Instead, the fuse has to be lit and the bomb will explode soon after. For the fuse to be lit the player has to draw a line of ink on a patch of fire and continue the line all the way to the fuse of the bomb.

The fire will then burn down the line and ignite the fuse. The explosion made by the bomb can destroy any platform and kill blots, as well as kill enemies. Bombs cannot not be moved and have to be detonated in order for the blots to move on to the finish flag. Exploding doodles act similar to bombs, as they explode and can remove parts of a platform.

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