This article is about bombs from Oodlegobs. For bombs from other games, please see Bombs.

Bomb (Oodlegobs)
Attack Exploding
Damage Death
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Oodlegobs

Bombs are hazards in the game Oodlegobs.


Bombs are cube-shaped with a television screen on the front displaying a picture of a bomb. The screen is red in colour while the box is grey. A curved fuse sticks out the top of the bomb. The screen will flash and the fuse will burn down when the bomb is activated.

Game information

Bombs are hazards that explode a few seconds after being activated. A bomb is activated when an Oodlegob walks near it. The explosion will kill Oodlegobs that are too close it but can also launch Oodlegobs that are a short distance from the explosion.

After exploding, a bomb will respawn in the same place after a few seconds. Bombs may be required in some levels to launch Oodlegobs to out-of-reach platforms, but still pose a threat.


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