This article is about bombs from Mega Mash. For bombs from other games, please see Bombs.

Bomb Blue
Ammunition Infinite, one at a time (regular), four at a time (super mode)
Ability Explodes
Damage Death to enemies, destruction of destructible blocks
Game(s) Mega Mash (Blast-Man Joe)

Bombs are objects used by Joe in the Blast-Man Joe sections of the game Mega Mash.


The bombs appear as a blue sphere with a grey top, a top which has a fuse.

Game information

Joe has an infinite amount of bombs, which he can place one at a time under normal conditions. When a bomb is placed, after a short time it will begin to flash red. Soon after, it will explode, sending explosions in any direction.

Usual blasts shoot out in a straight direction, horizontally or vertically if possible. The blast will move in that direction for a few seconds, stop, then disappear. Bomb blasts have a set distance they can go before automatically stopping, however, they will stop if they meet a block. Bombs are the only objects in Blast-Man Joe that can kill enemies and destroy ground blocks. Bullets can also destroy enemies, although bullets are not usually encountered. The blast can also harm Joe.

When Joe picks up a super power up, or another character under the effect of a super power up enters a Blast-Man Joe zone, Joe will be in super form, able to place four bombs at once. Bomb blasts can also go outside Blast-Man Joe zones, appearing the same as they appeared within the Blast-Man Joe zone.


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