This article is about bombs from Ice Breaker series. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

IBG bomb
A bomb from Ice Breaker: The Gathering
Ability Explodes
Game(s) Ice Breaker: The Gathering, Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage

The bombs are interactive objects in the games Ice Breaker: The Gathering and Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage.


In Ice Breaker: The Gathering, the bombs appear as spherical grayish blue objects with small fire sparks on them.

In Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage, the bombs are now gray and appear smaller to accompany the small screen of the device the game is being played on. They also have an octagonal shape instead of a spherical one. Additionally, they resemble stones.

Both bombs have the same symbol on it. The main design seems to resemble a trillium flower. Both bombs also have strange lines and other patterns on them.

Game information

Bombs usually appear to be placed over areas where the player can easily move them around the environment. Dropping the bomb on a certain place over ice or rock structures, then slicing across the bomb will cause the bomb to explode. The explosion of the bomb has enough power to disintegrate rock and ice around it.

If a bomb is blown up near or next to a Viking, he will die.
Ice breaker bomb voyage-0

A bomb from Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.

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