This article is about bombs from Chick Flick. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

Bomb (Chick Flick)
Ability N/A
Points Varies
Game(s) Chick Flick

Bombs are hazards in the game Chick Flick.


Bombs are depicted as a bomb with two white circles for eyes, a small pink beak, and a burning wick. They flash red, then their normal colour, red, then their normal colour, over and over again at a steady pattern.

The wicks on top of the bomb begin out short, and even though they are pictured burning, they never get any shorter. The bombs look like medium chicks in size, except that they don't have pupils in their eyes. They are colored black and lack feet.

Game information

Bombs bounce the same as medium chicks, making them almost the exact same. Bombs will fall from the ceiling with the number ten above them. Every time that the bombs touch the trampoline, the number above them will decrease by one. When the number reaches zero, or they hit the ground, they will explode, and the words BOOM will appear in the explosion. If a bomb explodes, the squirrels will lose a life. The number above them, determines the number of points when the awarded when the bomb goes in the nest.

The number above the bomb is multiplied by ten to give the number of points. (Example: If the number is nine when the bomb goes in, ninety points are awarded, eight = eighty points, seven = seventy points etc.) If a bomb touches any other objects, such as thumper bumpers or moving stone, the number above it will not be affected.


  • The bomb must be bounced at least once before landing in the nest, making a one hundred point score impossible.
  • In Mobile Chick Flick, bombs do not have numbers over them, or possibly just do not show ten.

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