This article is about bombs from Bullethead. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

Bomb (Bullethead)
A bomb when dropped
Attack Exploding
Damage One heart of health
Health One blow
Game(s) Bullethead

Bombs are the result of an attack used by diamond robots in Bullethead.


Bombs are brown and oval shaped, with three visible nodes on the top and sides. A rounded rectangle, outlined orange, is seen within the oval shape.

As the detonation timer on the bomb decreases, the orange ring disappears one line at a time. Three green dots are seen in the middle of the bomb, and they also disappear as the timer goes down.

Game information

If a diamond robot pulls its ear-shaped pieces of metal over its eyes, it produces a bomb that will drop onto the ground. When it is being dropped, the bomb turns off. Soon, three green dots will appear, and the inner perimeter of the bomb lights up orange.

As the dots slowly disappear, the lights will as well. When all lights are gone, three bars will come out of the bomb (left, right, above) and the middle would flash red. Shortly after, the bomb will explode. A medium explosion is created, subtracting one unit of health from the player if they touch it.


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