This article is about bombs from Aquanaut. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

Bomb (Aquanaut)
Ammunition Infinite
Ability Sinking in water, not moving on land
Action Explodes after three seconds, destroys enemies
Damage Varies from enemy to enemy
Game(s) Aquanaut

Bombs are the weapons the submarine from Aquanaut uses to destroy enemies.


Bombs resemble the bombs from the Toxic series. It appears as an orange circle with eight orange spikes pointing out along the circumference. In the middle of the bomb is a timer which counts down from three seconds once the bomb is dropped.

Game information

When the player presses the spacebar, the submarine will drop a bomb from its back, which will explode on impact with an enemy or if it has been traveling downward for three seconds, whichever comes first. The player can use an infinite number of bombs to help destroy any enemies.


The damage the bombs deliver depend on the enemy the submarine is trying to destroy.

Sea Serpent:
    • Head - Twelve blows
    • Segments - Two blows
    • Tail - Five blows

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