Bomber monsters
CChaos Enemy
Attack Explodes
Abilities Multiply in small clones that explode after coming near a miner
Health Four explosions (one for the parent monster, three more for its smaller clones)
Game(s) Cave Chaos 2

Bomber monsters are enemies in the game Cave Chaos 2.


Bomber monsters are a kind of monster without eyes that have large ears and a toad mouth. If looked very closely, they have eyes similar to the under-dweller. They look somewhat like a slug.

Game information

Bomber monsters will walk back and forth, until the miner comes near. As the miner approaches, it will lift its head up, and the pink sack under its mouth will explode. This explosion will not hurt the miner, and is exactly the same as the explosion from dynamite. This explosion will kill the beast, but spawn three smaller versions of the bomber monster.

These smaller monsters will walk a bit, and when the miner comes by, lift up their mouth, and their sack will explode. This time, no smaller monster is spawned. This small explosion is not much of a threat to the miner.


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