Bomba Boy
Gender Male
Health Three blows
Level(s) All levels
Status Alive
Game(s) Bomba

Bomba is the main character in the game Bomba.


Bomba is a small, blue-green coloured, frog-like robot whose main objective is to light up stars.

Game information

Bomba is controlled by moving the mouse cursor. Everything in the game will kill Bomba, except objects he can interact with. Bomba can only endure one touch of anything he cannot interact with before exploding, and respawning at the last star he touched or where he started the level (this only being if the player fails to touch any stars).

Bomba has only three lives, and with these can respawn the player if they die. Once the player uses up all of them, it's game over. Bomba will light up any star he touches, and will complete the level once he lights up all the stars in the level. He can pick up bombs and interact with things in the level that he is on.

Other appearances

Party skin - Bomba appears in the Party skin dropping bombs.

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