This article is about bombs from Office Trap. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

Bomb traps
Bomb Traps
Attack Exploding
Abilities Respawns
Damage Death
Game(s) Office Trap

Bomb traps are traps in the game Office Trap. They do not appear in the prequel, Knight Trap.


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Bomb trap buttons have a bomb icon.

Game information

Bomb traps appear only twice throughout Office Trap. Bomb traps, when activated, spawn a blue bomb which rises up out of the trap's button. It will then, soon, flash then explode, to be replaced by another bomb soon after.

When a bomb explodes the screen shakes. The shaking screen is a pain in the first level the bomb traps are introduced, as all Traps in the level are bomb traps, and the player is bound to activate more than one bomb trap in the level, making the screen shake almost every second and making it difficult to traverse platforms.

The explosion made by the bomb traps stretches from the bottom of the platform to half way towards the ceiling of the above platform, making jumping an easy way to avoid them. The explosion is the only part of the bomb trap that can harm employees, as the actual bomb will not harm them.

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