Bomb spawners
Bomb spawner
Ability Spawning bombs
Game(s) Toxic II

Bomb spawners are interactive objects in the game Toxic II.


Bomb spawners appear as a small cylinder with a plate like object on top. This cylinder has wires attached to a small square object. Bomb spawners produce a white light (or possibly air) that lifts bombs up.

Game information

Bomb spawners are found producing bombs for the player to use. They float bombs out of their metal body, that the player can pass to grab. Once a bomb is equipped, they will spawn another of the bomb. They hold an infinite supply of bombs. Bomb spawners encountered will only spawn one type of bomb per spawner.

Bomb spawners through the game have been found to spawn all the bombs found in Toxic II. They are there so that the player does not have to waste bombs they have in order to get another type of bomb.


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