This article is about bombs from Canopy. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

Bomb fruit
Bomb Fruit
Attack Exploding
Damage Death
Health Regenerative
Game(s) Canopy

Bomb fruits are the fourth and last type of fruit introduced in Canopy, and the only fruits which are hazardous.


Bomb fruits switch between very dark purple and black colour, and also tilt like other fruit. Bomb fruits have a skull printed on them to denote the danger of picking it up.

Game information

Bomb fruits usually grow by other bomb fruits, and unlike other fruit, bomb fruits will explode if Canopy touches them; they do not need to be grabbed. Also, unlike other fruits, bomb fruits will grow back after they have been detonated, starting as a small circle and expanding.

The pre-mature fruits will not harm Canopy, only the fully grown ones can. Like all fruits, bomb fruits can be shaken off, making it significantly easier to go across bomb fruit ridden branches without having to carefully place Canopy's hands on the branches or detonate a bomb fruit in order to make a pathway for the player.

Also, bomb fruits are the only type of object that can kill enemies, as it is demonstrated on level thirteen in a group of mosquitoes. Bomb fruits appear on level eighteen, and appear many times along branches, usually on long branches.

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