This article is for the unnamed enemy in Chisel 1 and incorrectly named enemy in Chisel 2. For the enemies called boombots in Chisel 2, please proceed to boombots

This article is about Crabs from Chisel. For Crabs from other games, please see Crabs.


This article is about bombs from Chisel. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

Bomb crabs
Bomb Crabs
Attack Explodes on contact
Abilities Walking
Health Dies on contact
Game(s) Chisel

Bomb crabs are enemies in the games Chisel 1 & 2. These enemies are misnamed "boombots" in the game Chisel 2.


Bomb crabs are walking robotic bombs with a skull face and crab-like features. The actual bomb crab is a fuse lit blue bomb with a pink-eyed skull face, along with crab arms on the side of its body and small crab like legs.

Bomb crabs move around the perimeter of the planet they are on, walking clockwise, moving their crab arms about.

Game information

Hence their appearance, they are lethal to Chiseler and will explode on contact with him, whether him coming up out of the ground or moving into them on a planet. Colliding with a bomb crab will yield Chiseler no points (as he cannot obtain points by destroying bomb crabs), but instead cost him one heart. Avoidance of the bomb crabs is made significantly easier with the addition of Chiseler able to rocket jump.

Bombs crabs will not explode on contact with one another, and will not walk the reverse way when colliding with another bomb. An exploding bomb crab will not set off other bomb crabs beside it, this will only happen if Chiseler collides with more than one bomb crab. Bomb crabs will only detonate and explode when Chiseler meets them, no other object will hurt them.


  • Chiseler may be part bomb crab, as his face bears a resemblance to a bomb crab.
  • If the bomb crab makes contact with Chiseller while Chiseller is preparing to dig, the crab will just turn around, not exploding and not dealing damage.
  • In Chisel 2, if Chiseler completes any level with a bomb crab in it, and it walks into him when Chiseler is jumping up happily, the bomb crab will explode on contact with Chiseler but not harm it. The player will still get 50 points from each bomb crab that self-destructs.
  • Bomb crabs are accidentally called boombots in Chisel 2. Coincidentally, scratchbots are accidentally called digbots. Both of the enemies re-given names are names of enemies in Chisel 1.
  • Much like the bomb crab, female blue crabs are blue (hence their name) with bright red claws. It is likely the resemblance was unintentional.

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