Bomb blasters
Bomb Shooter
Attack Shooting bombs to create an explosion
Damage One blow
Game(s) Toxic II

Bomb blasters are hazards in the game Toxic II. They do not harm the player at all, but may attack objects close to the player that when attacked harm the player.


Bomb blasters appear as a metal semi-circle attached to a ceiling or wall. Attached to the middle is a rod, which has a very small square attached to the end,

Game information

Bomb blasters are exclusively found on level 6.1: Maximum Security. Bomb blasters will move their nozzle like cannon when idle. Whenever a bomb is planted, nearby bomb blaster will shoot the bomb causing it to instantly explode, even when the bomb hasn't reached zero. Nearby bomb blasters will focus fire on bombs and explosions created by bombs, shooting them until they are gone.

Bomb blasters can shoot through all types of surfaces when shooting a bomb, even rock and metal, and are the only type of objects in Toxic II that can shoot through walls. Bomb blasters are not that much of a hazard, only dangerous when it causes a bomb to explode near the player.

These metal contraptions are on of the few objects in Toxic II only found in secret levels, and the only object capable of instantly destroying bombs.