This article is about ball enemies from Twin Shot 2. For ball enemies from Bullethead, please see Ball pods.

Bomb balls
Ball dark thing
Attack Harmful on contact
Abilities Explodes once killed
Health 1 shot with any arrow
Points 100
Game(s) Twin Shot 2 - Only in extra and evil levels

Bomb balls are enemies in the game Twin Shot 2. They only appear in evil levels and on extra level 6.


They are black balls with red stripes, and have a similar appearance to bowling balls. Their eyes are positioned in the front of the ball. When they move, they bounce up and down, and their bodies will slightly contort and conform to the ground when they land.

Game information

Black balls are usually relatively easy to kill, requiring only one shot with any arrow. However, the player should shoot them from a distance, as when they die they explode, wounding any player nearby. Their explosion is similar in size and appearance to the bomb arrow, accessible through cheats n' treats. However, the black ball's explosion will not blow up walls or cause coins to go flying.



  • They are the only enemy that appears exclusively in evil levels that is also in an extra level.

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