This article is about guns from Final Ninja. For guns from other games, please see Guns.

Blue wall mounted guns
Blue Wall Mounted Gun
Attack Firing green bullets
Damage One third health
Game(s) Final Ninja

Blue wall mounted guns are hazardous guns in Final Ninja.


Blue wall mounted guns appear as a cannon on a blue block. The gun is rectangular and has small rectangular block on it, placed on a circular base, and below that the square base of the gun.

This part which has almost no armour except for some blue armour on the back. The lack of armour the sides expose the metal and wires inside the base.

Game information

Blue wall mounted guns are placed in walls and on the ceiling, firing down green bullet clusters. These clusters will deplete one bar from Takeshi's health, but not harm other enemies. These guns are indestructible and may sometime appear in groups. They appear commonly throughout levels Final Ninja, and multiple times in some levels. They are placed mainly to make it difficult for Takeshi to traverse areas, requiring him to stop frequently to avoid damage.

Blue wall mounted guns are also used on defense robot alpha and defense robot zero. Defense robot alpha has one located on the middle of its body, close to the ground. It can rotate three hundred sixty degrees, allowing the Akuma to fire it at Takeshi wherever he is.

Defense robot zero has the wall mounted gun in the same place as alpha, and it also acts the same. Laser guards also have the cannon of a blue wall mounted gun, which will can fire green bullets and also projects a pink laser.

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