Blue stragglers
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Follows the player's drawing stars
Health One blow (superstar, Big Daddy bomb or neutron bomb)
Points 300
Game(s) Nebula

Blue stragglers are enemies in the game Nebula.


Blue stragglers are light blue balls, which has lots of spikes. On the middle of the ball are eyebrows that appear slanted down, at the bottom edge of the eyebrow being two small yellow circles - these circles being eyes.

Game information

Blue stragglers likes to hide in enemy boxes; the enemy boxes also defines the size of the stragglers. Blue stragglers will bounce around randomly and are dangerous on contact.

However, they can be killed by one blow from a superstar, Big Daddy bomb or neutron bomb. The blue stragglers can also follow the drawing stars left by the player.

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