This article is about checkpoints from Hot Air Jr. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Blue pad
Blue Pad
Ability Serves as resting place (Hot Air & Hot Air 2), as checkpoints(Hot Air Jr)
Game(s) Hot Air series

Blue pads are one of the four types of pads in the Hot Air series.


Hot Air 1 and 2

Blue pads appear as a small blue bar with curved edges.

Hot Air Jr.

Blue pads do not lose their colour like red and green pads, but blue pads lose their shape.

Game information

Hot Air 1 & 2

Blue pads are the least common pads in the Hot Air series, only appearing a few times in the game. Blue pads serve as a resting spot for Hot Air, usually placed in a very treacherous level.

They do not possess any ability. Their function of being a resting place is so that the player does not have to repeatedly blow the hot air balloon up when waiting for something, getting tired, and instead can relax.

Hot Air Jr

Blue pad - Hot Air Jr.

A blue pad from Hot Air Jr

Blue pads have their purpose greatly changed, and unlike the green and red pads that lose their colour, the blue pad is still coloured blue. Blue pads no longer serve completely as resting places; instead, they serve as checkpoints.

Blue pad flag - Hot Air Jr.

A blue pad after being landed on

This was likely done to tone down the high difficulty the previous two Hot Air games had. When a blue pad is landed on, a flag with a yellow pole and blue flag will pop up. Now, if the player dies, they will respawn here. If the player gains some stars, and touches a blue pad, their progress will be saved. However, if they are killed they will respawn at the blue pad with no stars. Therefore, it means that to unlock some bonus levels, the player must beat the level without dying, rendering blue pads useless as anything but break spots.

This was done to prevent players from getting a whole bunch of stars and then going on the blue pad, so that if they died they would respawn with the stars they had and wouldn't have to re-obtain them again.