This article is about monkeys from Twang. For monkeys from other games, please see Monkeys.

Blue monkeys
Blue monkey
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Holding on to lines
Health Cannot be killed
Game(s) Twang

Blue monkeys are stationary enemies in the game Twang.


Blue monkeys are seen with light blue bodies that are a darker shade of blue on the edges of the monkey. Blue monkeys have a gaping red mouth, with two small teeth. They are always seen holding onto a line.

Game information

Blue monkeys sit holding on to a line, and do nothing. They are usually on line in front of where Black Ball needs to go, and the player will have to move the line they are on so Black Ball can pass the monkey unharmed, or try to make Black Ball avoid them in another way. If Black Ball touches a monkey, he will lose one of his hearts.

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