This article is about mines from Final Ninja. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

Blue mines
Attack Explodes on contact
Abilities Moving
Health One hit (body, ninja star)
Points 10
Game(s) Final Ninja

Blue mines are a variation of mines seen only in Final Ninja.


Blue mines have more of an appearance of an actual mine than the Final Ninja Zero variant, and because of this they appear much different than them. Blue mines are blue coloured and circular, with a peg sticking out on each edge of the mine, and a peg on top and below the middle of the mine.

An orange skull above an arrow is printed on the mine. Small amounts of green electricity can be seen surging through the mine, the same electricity seen projected on hot laser beams and shock walls.

Game information

Blue mines act exactly like drone mines from Final Ninja Zero. They move around horizontally and vertically, can be destroyed via a single ninja star, and they are also spawned from spawners and able to home in on Takeshi in one direction at a time when the alarm is set off.

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