The gunbusters are the heaviest of all dudes. They just want to blow stuff up. To survive this level you better get used to dodging their bullets.

- Headcase, level eight: Land of the Blue Gunbusters

Blue gunbusters
Attack Shoots bullets
Game(s) Headcase

Blue gunbusters, also called gunbusters, are enemies in the game Headcase. They are introduced in level eight.


Square-shaped, gunbusters have four straight cannons that slightly protrude out of each side of the square, with a layer of spikes bordering any areas not occupied by the cannons.

The four cannons are attached by a circle making up the gunbuster's face. Its tiny eyes and large mouth are a lighter shade of yellow-orange than that of the spikes covering the gunbusters.

Game information

Stationary for the entire duration of a level, gunbusters shoot bullets frequently from their cannons. They are similar to the attacks of the napping guards, only they are capable of shooting from four sides at once. In many levels, they are numerous, shooting bullets simultaneously.


The beta gunbuster

Bullets shot out by gunbusters will disappear once they hit a wall, and will cause Norman Noggin to lose a life on contact. Because they are covered with a layer of spikes, they cannot be killed, and headbutting into one kills Norman Noggin instantly if he flies into the spikes.


A beta version of the blue gunbuster was discovered on Simon Hunter's website. It lacks the bordering spikes.

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