Blue blocks
Nitrome Wiki Cuboy in Jjjump
Ability Movement (sometimes activated by switches)
Game(s) J-J-Jump

Blue blocks are interactive objects in J-J-Jump that are first seen in level four.


Hence their name, blue blocks are small blue blocks. They have square white eyes and a rectangular pink mouth. They blink every second and a half.

Game information

Blue blocks move either independently in a fixed route, or, as is the more common case, when set off by switches. They usually appear in groups. In the game they function as gates, interactive objects, or hazards because if the teeny purple hero gets caught between the blocks and a wall, or another set of blocks, he will get squashed and die. Other times they block the way to the next checkpoint, and can be moved by having the teeny hero press a switch.


  • The blue blocks look slightly similar to the Nitrome Wiki's favicon, "Blueboy".

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