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Blue Rodent is a character in Platform Panic.


Blue Rodent is a mouse like character with a blue body, a black band over its cyan eyes, a red nose and red feet.

Game information

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Blue Rodent can be unlocked for 150 coins.

Penguin 1

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Blue Rodent's special ability is magnet coins. This ability causes all coins in each room to be drawn towards Blue Rodent, however, if the coin fails to reach Blue Rodent when he exits the room, it will not be counted. When Blue Rodent impacts a hazard when a coin is being drawn towards him, the coin will stop moving.


Slowest runt of the litter


Blue Rodent is the "slowest runt of the litter", the opposite of this character being Sonic The Hedgehog, known as the "fastest thing alive". Blue Rodent's appearance also may refer to Sonic's first name Mr. Needlemouse.

Blue Rodent's special ability "magnet coins" resembles the Thunder Shield powerup from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.