Blowing yellow goo
Wind Yellow Goo Swindler 2 Blowing goo
Goo from Swindler 1 (left)
Goo from Swindler 2 (right)
Ability Blowing air
Game(s) Swindler and Swindler 2

Blowing yellow goo are enemies in the Swindler series. They are introduced on level two of Swindler, and level twenty-one of Swindler 2.


Blowing yellow goo are large, yellow blobs of goo stuffed into square cages. The goo is constantly breathing in and out, and it has two small eyes on its front. The cage in which the goo resides is pink the first Swindler game, but was changed to brown in Swindler 2.

Game information

Blowing Yellow Goo

The goo blowing

Like all other yellow goo, blowing yellow goo cannot actually harm Swindler. Even if it could, the goo is in a cage and Swindler is unable to get close enough to touch it.

Blowing yellow goo is found in pink cages, usually along walls. When Swindler gets near to the goo, the blob will suck in a big breath and then begin to blow outward. The air will push Swindler in the direction it is blowing, and sometimes into danger.

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