Ink blots are the main characters of the game Scribble.


Blots appear as tiny black and white characters with a slim body, ears, feet, and a big nose.

Game information


Blots can walk on lines made by the player, and have to be guided by the player to the flag of the level. A certain number of blots have to pass for the player to complete the level.

Blots are made of ink, and can also walk on lines. They are spawned from an object full of ink, located on a ceiling in the level. Blots are weak, being able to be killed many ways. They die if they fall down a long drop, walk into fire, spikes enemies, or if they are caught in the blast of an explosion.

Other appearances

  • Classic - Three blots appear on a hill dancing to music from a radio
  • Party skin - Four blots appear in the Party skin, near Toxic. They appear on both sides of him, and are fleeing from a fire doodle.


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  • The inspiration for the look of the blots in the game Scribble were from old Disney cartoons. According to Mat Annal, specifically the "white face and big noses" of these characters were inspired by these cartoons.[1]


  1. Under the "Comments" tab on Mat Annal's Pixel Joint profile, this comment can be found: "Looks really good...I like it. I assume your refering to our Scribble game when you say nitrome-ish....we were inspired by old disney cartoons for the look...well for the white face and big noses anyway :)". This comment was a response to this pixel art upload.