This article is about blocks from The Bucket. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

The mystical flying fish pushing aside some blocks
Ability Fall, obscure path, knock aside mystical flying fish and raccoon
Game(s) The Bucket

Blocks are obstacles in the game The Bucket.


Blocks, for the most part, have a tan/pink colour scheme. Most blocks have slightly different appearances such as a block with a star or a fish on it. Blocks can also be found in different sizes, ranging from small blocks that can fit in the bucket, to medium blocks approximately the size of the mystical flying fish (four times the size of a small block), to large blocks four times the size of medium blocks.

Game information

Blocks are hazardous because they can cause the raccoon to fall out of the bucket and fall to possible death. There are three different types of blocks: blocks that obscure the player's path, blocks that can be moved, and blocks that dislodge and fall on the player; blocks that must be moved are the most common.

Blocks that obscure the path and must be pushed out of the way by the mystical flying fish. Blocks that are scattered around don't need to be pushed out of the way, but they can be if that is what the player wants to do. The falling blocks hang upside down and start falling whenever the flying fish touches them.

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