This article is about blocks from Submolok. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks (Disambugation).

Blocks (Submolok)
Submolok stone block Submolok red block Submolok wood block Submolok metal block
Ability Blocks the players path
Game(s) Submolok

Blocks are interactive objects in the game Submolok. They are located almost everywhere in the game.


There are four different kinds of blocks in the game.

The first block is a square rock. It has many cracks inside of it and has uneven edges. This block has the colour of light gray. The second block looks like a box with the colour red. It has one square in the middle with four rectangles surrounding it. There are bolts at the four corners of the box. Some scratches can be seen on the box.

The third block has a dark orange hue, and it resembles a crate of some kind. There are two wood planks that make a X shape and four rectangles covering the perimeter of the block. Bolts are put at the four corners and the ends of the X shape. Additionally, the crate also has scratches, but not as much as the red box.

The last block seems to be made of metal and similar to the red box. Instead of one square in the center, there are four smaller squares and a rectangle squished between. There seems to be empty spaces between some of the squares. Fifteen bolts are on various parts of the metal block. It shares the same colour as the square rock.

Game information

During the course of the game, the player may find certain paths to be blocked by these blocks. These blocks usually obstruct areas where satellite parts are. The only way to bypass these objects is to use bomb upgrades which can be found in certain rooms. Each bomb upgrade only allows the player to destroy a certain type of block. Once these blocks are destroyed, they will stay destroyed for the entire course of the game.

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