This article is about blocks from Smash. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Blocks are interactive objects in the Smash sections of the game Mega Mash.

General appearance

Blocks appear rectangular, with a bump in the middle. Blocks come in yellow, blue, green, red, stone, bomb, and turquoise colours.

General game information

Blocks are positioned throughout Smash, and can be destroyed. Some vary in the amount of blows they take to be destroyed. Some perform a helpful task for the player, when a block is destroyed, and some do nothing when destroyed.


There are three types of blocks in Smash.

Coloured blocks

Colored Blocks

A variety of colored blocks

Coloured blocks are a type of easily destroyable blocks in Smash, that come in many colours.


Blocks come in yellow, blue, green, red, and stone. Coloured blocks have a small rectangle in the middle of the block itself while stone blocks do not have it.

Game information

Coloured blocks can be shattered by being touched by the Faceball. A crack will be placed in stone blocks whenever the Faceball touches it, up until the fourth time when it breaks.

In phase two of the battle with the Moo King, the Moo King resides on a stone blocks that when destroyed plummets the king into the Ninja zone.

Purple blocks

Purple Block

A purple block

Purple blocks are a hazardous block in Smash that appears only once in the game.


Purple blocks are coloured with dark purple, four small white dots placed on all four sides on the block with a blue bomb in the middle of the block.

Game information

Purple blocks appear only once in Mega Mash, and will explode if the block is touched by the Faceball, damaging the Faceball in the process. They only appear in the second final section of the level, and have to be shot by the paddle in super form before the Faceball touches it.

Turquoise blocks

Turquoise blocks are turquoise coloured blocks that are the Smash variation of switches.
Pong ending

A turquoise block


Turquoise blocks appear different than all other blocks, as turquoise blocks have a white-and-cyan (light blue) outline, that goes around the block. In the middle of the block is a turquoise coloured block.

Game information

Turquoise blocks cannot be cracked, and have to only be hit once to be activated. Sometimes, more than one turquoise block may have to be activated.

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