This article is about blocks from Knuckleheads. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Blocks are interactive objects in the game Knuckleheads. Blocks make up the floor and all walls, with the appearance of rock. Two variations of blocks appear throughout the game.

General appearance

Blocks appear as a square.


Sticky blocks

Sticky blocks
Sticky Blocks
Three sticky blocks
Ability Can be used as platforms
Game(s) Knuckleheads

The first block variation in Knuckleheads.


Sticky blocks appear to be normal blocks covered in a sticky dark purple goo substance. As shown by the title, they are square. When the player's head retracts from the block, a loud squish sound is heard.

Game information

Sticky blocks' surfaces are covered in a purple sticky substance. While some blocks are completely covered with the sticky substance, others are only half-covered. Sticky blocks allow the angry heads to traverse across walls and ceilings since the characters can stick to the blocks. Frequently, they appear throughout the game.

Coloured blocks

Coloured blocks
Sleeping Color Blocks
The coloured blocks sleeping

Happy Pink BlockHappy green block
The coloured blocks happy

Attack Dangerous to touch
Damage Loss of one heart
Game(s) Knuckleheads

The second block variation in Knuckleheads.


These blocks are either pink or green with a face printed on them.

Game information

Like the other enemies in Knuckleheads, coloured blocks can only be touched with the head the same colour as the block. A coloured block will smile when the right Knucklehead is placed on the right block.

Electrifying green block

A green block emitting electricity

When contact is made with the opposite head, however, the block will become angry and emit a wall of coloured electricity around itself, causing the player to lose one heart of their health. The frequency of these blocks' appearance is not as often as sticky blocks' are.


  • Falling from a high height and landing on the wrong coloured head will not affect the player. This is a glitch, however.

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