This article is about blocks from Hot Air 2. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Blocks are hazards that appear in the game Hot Air 2.

Game information

Blocks appear only on level seventeen: Come Together, where they appear in several variants appear. Blocks all differ in size, and expression on their face, and will all kill Hot Air instantly upon contact. All blocks move at one point in the level, then move back to their original position. The player has to carefully traverse the level, as a block could move and the player not notice it. There are four types of blocks.

Block types

Square blocks

Square blocks are one of the four blocks encountered on level seventeen of Hot Air 2. The square blocks are square shaped, and have a mouth, two vertical black eyes, an eyebrow, and tow purple cheeks beside the mouth and below the eyes. Square blocks have three variations, each which acts the same but has a different expression. All square blocks move at the same time the rectangular blocks move. The first expression shown is of a block with a straight eyebrow and an open mouth.

The second one is of a block, square but with larger dimensions and both eyes closed. The latter is only seen in the mouth of a c block. The third is a square block with an open mouth and eyebrows pointing down in a V, showing that the block is angry. Square blocks are the smallest of the blocks encountered on level seventeen of Hot Air 2.


Rectangular blocks

Rectangular Blocks

A full length first variation of a rectangular block

Rectangular blocks are one of the four blocks encountered on level seventeen of Hot Air 2. Rectangular blocks are large rectangular shaped blocks that have a face on one end. Rectangular blocks often move vertically, sometimes horizontally, and when all of them move in the level, they move one square block in the same direction as a rectangular block.

Rectangular blocks often make large movements, stopping after making the moment then going back the direction it came. Six appear on level seventeen, three having a different expression on their face than the other three rectangular blocks. A rectangular block has a face located on one end of the block, a face consisting of a pair of eyes and purple cheeks, a mouth and eyebrows.

The mouth is between the two purple cheeks, and the two purple cheeks are below the eyes, the eyes below the eyebrow. Rectangular blocks have two variations, some variations being shorter than each other. The first variation appears on only three block, this one having the eyebrow pointing up.

The first block it appears on is the usual size of a rectangular block, while the other two are shorter than it. The second variation has a face with a completely straight eyebrow, each block being a different length.

U blocks

U Block

A big u block

U blocks are one of the four types of blocks encountered on level seventeen of Hot Air 2. There are two variations of the u block: The big u block and small u block.

Big U block

The big u block appears as a block made to resemble the letter u, having a horizontal rectangular block (not the rectangular blocks mentioned above) with two vertical rectangular blocks on each side. The u block has a long red mouth located close to the bottom of the horizontal rectangular block, a red mouth lined with teeth at the top. The entire red mouth is not shown, due to not enough space existing. Above the red mouth is the block's pair of black eyes, which are bigger and spread out more than the eyes seen on the previous blocks.

The big u block moves horizontally, moving to one side, and after a few seconds have elapsed, to the other side. Hot Air has to go to the edge that is closest to the direction the u block will next move so that he is safe from being harmed by the moving block. One u block appears on level seventeen, and only serves as a dangerous hazard to move the player to the second part of the level.


A small u block

Small U blocks

The small u block appears smaller than the big u block, consisting of a short horizontal block and two vertical blocks on the edges of the horizontal one. The mouth of the small u block is circular, and has only four teeth at the top. The edges of the mouth are seen on the side blocks.

The small u block has a pair of eyes, and unlike the big u block has its eyebrows pointing down in a V, showing the small u block is angry. The small u block does not appear as a single enemy, it is apart of an enemy called the c block, where two small u blocks are connected.

C blocks

Joined U Blocks

A c block

C blocks are enemies that appear only on level seventeen of Hot Air 2. C blocks are a formation of two small u blocks and two second variations of the square block. The small u blocks appear with their bottom side facing downwards, each small u block facing each other.

The top side of the small u block is connected with the other top side of the other small u block. In the mouth of each small u block is a square block, the second variation of the square block. The c block goes through a red platform in the level, and moves horizontally.


  • The expressions shown by some blocks resemble internet emoticons.
    • The second and third variation of the square blocks resemble internet emoticons, the second resembling the emoticon >.<, and the third resembling the emoticon >:O
    • There are three rectangular blocks that have the expression on their face: D:|