This article is about blobs from Turn-Undead. For blobs from Rust Bucket, please see blobs.

Abilities Eroding the floor
Health One blow from a stake
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Blobs are enemies in the game Turn-Undead.


Blobs, as their name suggests, are blob shaped with a round head on top of a much larger mound-like body. Blobs are a dark shade of lime green with two small red eyes, an open mouth with the vague indication of teeth, and a faint reflection at the back of its head that resembles an ear.

Game information

Blobs first appear in level 21 of Turn-Undead and are often found in groups or in ones. Blobs, like most enemies, move one space per turn and are killed when contact with a stake is made. When a blob dies, the space that it was standing on will erode and be left as an open space. The player can stand on top of blobs and also blobs will activate buttons when they touch them.

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