Blob creatures
Blob Creatures Carrier Purple
Attack Harmful on contact, throw up slime balls
Abilities The purple form can create green slimes
Health Blob - 1 hit;
Dark creature - 1 hit
Game(s) Twin Shot series

Blob creatures are enemies in the Twin Shot series. They do not appear in evil levels.


Blob creatures have large, round heads and bodies with fat stomachs. In the middle of their stomach is their navel (meaning they are probably mammals). They have large mouths with green slime dribbling out, and have toothless pink gums on the inside.

Wrapped around their heads are laurel wreaths, hinting that they might be of some importance in society (this hypothesis is also supported by that they are carried around by dark creatures, instead of walking themselves). They have two folded legs near their bottom. Their bodies can be blue or purple, and each has a dark creatures underneath it.

Game information

Spitting Blob Creature

A blob creature spitting out a hazardous projectile

Blob creatures are creatures that vomits out enemies or hazards depending on what colour it is, and are thought to be heavy since carrier dark creatures have to carry them around and they have large stomachs. Blue blob creatures are introduced on level twenty-eight of Twin Shot, and purple ones are introduced on level thirty-five.

There are two types of blobs, purple blobs and blue blobs. Blue blob creatures will vomit out a slime ball which will fall down through the entire level, and has to be avoided. The purple blob creature will do the same as the blue blob creature except the slime ball will turn into a green slime once it touches a platform.

Blob creatures do not appear in the evil levels of Twin Shot 2, being a good levels exclusive enemy. Once the blob creature is killed, the carrier dark creatures will be set free and act as a usual dark creature.

Other appearances


  • The laurel wreaths that they wear on their heads were based off the ones worn by ancient Romans and Greeks.

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