Blast-Man Joe
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Health Three hits
Level(s) Most
Status Alive
Game(s) Blast-Man Joe (Mega Mash)

Blast-Man Joe, also called Joe, is the main character in the Blast-Man Joe sections of the game Mega Mash.


Joe appears as a short man wearing a brown hat and brown explorer's coat. His facial features are similar to Billy, with a large pink nose that takes up the majority of his face. He is always seen carrying a torch.

Game information

Background history

Joe set out on a quest to find the treasure of the lost Ascii Tribe. He eventually found it, and it was displayed in the British Museum of Artifacts.


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Besides walking around all areas of the level, Joe also has the ability to drop bombs. These bombs are blue and will flash several times before exploding. The blast will be sent in the left, right, up and down directions until a wall is hit. The explosions can also travel into other games, if placed close to the area. Bombs are able to destroy enemies and ground blocks. If caught in the explosion, the blast can hurt Joe as well.

Super mode

In super mode, Blast-Man Joe four bombs at a time instead of one. Since power-ups are obtained in areas outside of the Blast-Man Joe areas, it is difficult to tell whether Joe has a power-up or not.



  • The Blast-Man Joe game may be based off of videogames such as Tomb Raider and the Bomberman games.
  • The Blast-Man Joe character may be loosely based off of Indiana Jones.

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