Blast-Man Joe

The banner for the game that appears on the Menu of Mega Mash

Blast-Man Joe is one of the seven games in the game Mega Mash. Blast-Man Joe stars an adventurer also called Blast-Man Joe, or simply Joe, who is looking for the lost treasure of the lost Ascii Tribe.


Blast-Man Joe is set in a cave. The outline of the cave is made up of indestructible blue blocks. The background is exactly the same as the background of Super Treadmill, black with greyish circles. In each cave there is an enemy and destroyable blocks. Each cave has an exit which leads to another game.

What makes Blast-Man Joe different from other games in Mega Mash is that Blast Man Joe climbs around the cave from a top-down perspective, movements being more restrictive in that levels are grid shaped and cause Joe to make long movements.


Blast Man Joe is set in a dark cave.


The background is black, with small little circles, the same background as in Super Treadmill.


There are many blocks in the level, some destroyable, others not. Enemies wander around the level, some chasing Joe.

Main character

Main article: Blast-Man Joe (character)

Blast Man Joe is an explorer who wears a brown hat and is armed with bombs, which he uses to destroy enemies or hazards.


  • Mice - Brown mice who wander through the cave
  • Spiders - Spider enemies who also wander aimlessly through the cave
  • Fire droplets - Fire enemies who home in on the player; encountered in groups of three


Interactive objects

  • Blocks - Various objects that can be interacted with by the player

Beta elements

No image of Blast-Man Joe was seen in the two NES promo posters, or the NES skin. An image of Blast-Man Joe was provided by Nitrome when Mega Mash was first revealed, and was one of the seven image of Mega Mash Nitrome previewed. This image showed Joe in an area made up of many square block walls. A spider and mosquito are seen moving around. As seen in this image, Joe is in super mode, able to plant several bombs at once. Mosquitoes are encountered nowhere in the game, and may have been replaced by fire droplets.


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