Blamos[citation needed] are enemies in the game The Bucket. Blamos are fired out of a rocket launcher-like machine.


Blamos are light green rocket-shaped creatures with two small fins that stick out on the creature. The creature also has wings, which it uses to fly in the direction it is shot; if looked at closely, the nose is visible. Below its nose is its mouth, which appears to be smiling. Blamos are only seen from the side.

The launcher from which the blamos are shot is blue and has a dark blue skull on it; it is shaped like a rocket launcher. The machine also has a switch on the back which moves up or down depending on if a blamo is being launched.

Game information

Blamos fly either horizontally left, or horizontally right, depending on where the launcher is. They are shot one at a time, another blamo being shot some time after the before blamo was shot. When a blamo hits anything, a wall, the mystical flying fish or the raccoon (or the bucket the raccoon is in), it will explode. The blamo's explosion isn't strong enough to move movable boxes. Blamos can be easily avoided by letting them fly through the rope attached to the bucket.

Blamo launchers

Blamo launchers are machines that fire blamos. All blamos the player encounters are fired from a blamo launcher. It is either positioned on the wall or on a platform. It cannot be destroyed, and can only be avoided. Blamo launchers are usually placed so the cannon is facing east or west, but has never been placed so it is facing north.