Black holes are star-activated interactive objects in the game Space Hopper. They are seen near the completion of every level.


The appearance of the black hole is similar to that of teleporters from Magneboy. Although it seems to be circular due to the faint glowing outlines against the starry sky, the black hole is more fan-shaped and spins in a clockwise direction opposite to the direction its "spokes" are facing.

Game information

At the start of every Space Hopper level, the player will be given the task to collect stars out and about of planets. When this goal is completed and the number of stars required for the level is fulfilled, the game will pause for a brief moment as the black hole opens. Despite its relatively small size, the black hole usually opens up in large areas of space that no planets cross.

With the black hole opened, the player must proceed to having the astronaut jump towards it in order to complete the level. To do so, the player should angle the astronaut in the way of the black hole and jump in that direction. Unlike most planets, the black hole's gravitational force is strong and jumping from a distance will also allow the astronaut to succeed in most cases. The black hole closes once the astronaut is "warped" and moved to the next level.