Black Ball, also known as Twang ball, is the main character in the game Twang.


Black Ball is a black-coloured ball with teeth and two eyes; he can only be hit three times before he dies. Every time he is hit, some of his teeth fall out. He appears to be clenching his teeth in a nervous fashion.

Beta appearance

Nitrome revealed some development images of Twang in their second Memory Lane blog post on the Nitrome blog. Black Ball's original appearance was a plain black ball with a mouth, eyes, and two cat like ears. It was later developed into his final version. His injured appearance was changed a little: the teeth he lost are absent, and bandages on him are changed.

Game information


Blue Ball bet that Black Ball couldn't cross the magic ocean without getting wet, and he put nine bags of money at stake. Black Ball took on the challenge, and managed to cross the magic ocean without getting wet. Blue Ball cried as Black Ball grinned as he looked at his winnings; he wished he never bet that Black Ball couldn't get across the magic ocean without getting wet.
Twang ending

In game

Black Ball doesn't move by his own will, he relies on the player to move in. Because of his ball shape, he rolls. Black Ball will show signs of injury if he hits a hazard or enemy. He is light, and can be flung up via the often bouncy lines beneath him.

Cosmic Cannon

Black Ball appears in the mini game Cosmic Cannon. He appears as one of the balls, among many other Nitrome characters.

Other appearances

  • Onekey - Black Ball's face appears on a block etched into stone
  • Retro skin - Black Ball appears going down a wire
  • shop - Black Ball appears on a shirt
  • Shop banner - Black Ball appears on a shirt