This article is about birds from Worm Food. For birds from other games, please see Birds.

Bird (Worm Food)
Attack Archer drops rocks, fires arrows
Abilities Can fly in the air
Health One bite
Game(s) Worm Food

Birds are enemies in the game Worm Food. The birds belongs to the Air Tribe.


The bird is wearing a large skull over its head, and a gondola holding an archer. The skull has a single horn on it, as well as two sharp teeth. The bird itself is grey and has two wings, a tail, a beak, and two brown eyes. The gondola is also grey and is attached to the bird with by two brown strings attached to a brown harness around the bird's neck. The gondola also has a symbol on it, consisting of a circle under a downward facing ninety degree angle. This may be the symbol of the Air Tribe.

Game information

Birds fly in the air, flapping their wings. They fly horizontally, turning at walls. The bird flies at a medium pace, and due to its bulkiness, they can be easily eaten; birds have a gondola that contain an archer. The archer will fire arrows at the giant worm when the terror is close enough to the sides of the bird, and drop rocks when the worm lunges below the bird.

As with arrows, rocks are only dropped when the giant worm is close enough under the gondola. The bird will be eaten if the giant worm's mouth touches it anywhere. Although having the worm's mouth touch anywhere on the bird will devour it, touching the gondola will devour the gondola and archer, but leave the bird intact. It be helpful to eat the gondola if the player is on low health. as the gondola eliminated leaves the bird defenseless and unable to harm the player.

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